The Future is in Motion. Introducing Xensr+

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Sports Motion Capture

Packed with the highest sampling rate and high-G inertial sensors, Xensr can track sports motion live, in full 3D with unparalleled accuracy.

 Medical Applications

Xensr captures the quality of chest compressions, the range of motion of a patient undergoing physical therapy, or simple daily activeness.

Engineering & Product Development

Xensr’s robust inertial sensors output raw 3D motion data live at 400hz-1KHz allowing engineers to analyze and compare new designs.


3D Sports Capture



Trends & Alerts

Custom Analytics

Share Sessions

Cloud Sync

Your session. Your stoke. Quantified.

No more wondering. No more bad judges’ decisions. No more fish stories. Xensr objectifies the subjective. Xensr captures your entire sesh with precision and clarity unlike anything else.

Session Summary

Review your sesh, drill down to see what you want to see. Nothing is left hidden.

Jump Graphs

Get a visual snapshot of your performance.


Throw down. But then you gotta back it up. Win or lose, there’s no grey area.


Xensr lets you know when you are at the top of your game. And it will help you refine your style to get there.


Share your performance with friends with post sesh or realtime updates.


Combine your data with your POV footage and showcase your sesh.