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Xensr Wave Replay SUP Surfing

Groms Jeffrey and Finn Spencer take their Xensr Air 3D GPS with Wave Replay analytics for a SUP surf session on Maui. Wave Replay for SUP surfing tracks every wave caught, attempted, length of wave ride, duration of wave ride. It totals up your surfing and paddling split times and split distances all while recording the entire session in brilliant 3D for replay analytics.


Even if you forget your GoPro, you have detailed playback of all your action with Wave Replay. Wave Replay also measures the swell during the session so you also have a record of how big the swell was. Discover Xensr Wave Replay today at 

Xensr Wave Replay for Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Track all your waves with detailed stats and insane 3D replay! from Xensr on Vimeo.

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Summertime south swell surfing on Maui with Xensr Wave Replay

Xensr Wave Replay from Xensr on Vimeo.

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Sports Illustrated Features Xensr Air and Wave Replay!

Nice writeup on the recently launched Wave Replay for the Xensr Air 3D GPS. 


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.21.35 AM
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Introducing Xensr Wave Replay. The World’s Most Advanced Surf Tracker.


Xensr Inc. released Wave Replay™ which turns the Xensr Air 3D GPS into the world’s most accurate and detailed surf tracking device. Surfers around the world can track their surf sessions like never before with detailed analytics and 3D replay of their rides showing every bottom turn, hit, and air. Wave Replay™ also measures swell height. Xensr is the only surf tracker with this ability. Mounted to the surfboard, Xensr Air 3D GPS measures and records everything the board and surfer does during their sessions. 

“Wave Replay does what no other tracker can do.” says CEO David Troup. “Mounted to the board instead of the wrist, Xensr Air sees everything the rider does. Wave Replay breaks down sessions into the vital stats a surfer wants to see. Surfers can identify their best take-off points and more using the Wave Replay map for unique swell conditions helping them improve for their next session.”

Xensr Wave Replay provides the following surf analytics:my_xensr_screen3

  • Number of waves caught. 
  • Number of waves attempted. 
  • Fastest speed per wave. 
  • Length of each wave […]
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Get it and shred it!

Get it and shred it! New firmware for your Air! Version 1.07 is now available. In this release – major updates to the core system for stability and improvements to TruMotion events : jump algorithms.

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Software update!

Update your apps, and go shred this weekend! Updates for iOS, Android and Android Wear. Mostly minor bug fixes, though we did add OneTouch Video support for iPhone 4S, and the AndroidWear app is a more robust in terms of accidental app switching to keep certain watches from either exiting the app or app switching while in use.

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New Xensr Firmware Available!

New Xensr Air firmware is available! This release 1) enables low power session save – no more lost sessions due to low battery! 2) USB compatibility fixes for OS X, 3) fixes bug which could cause sesh files to be lost on recording stop, 4) general stability and TruMotion improvements.

Get the firmware here


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Ride with Jesse Richman!

Xensr Android Wear session with Jesse Richman from Xensr on Vimeo.

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Data doesn’t wait

Know now! Don’t wait to get back to the beach to know how high, far and fast you went! With the Xensr AndroidWear app, you can get your jump stats as soon as you stick the landing. Send it and see it with Xensr!

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Hey everyone! We’ve had a few people reporting flooded units, and upon examination, the Gore-Tex vent material has been punched out by a sharp object. 

The vent hole on the bottom of the Xensr Air is for the pressure sensor – IT IS NOT A RESET SWITCH. 


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