Gilion Goveia of Fluid Kiteboarding is on a quest – a quest for a World Record in Kiteboard jump height.

On Sunday, November 20 in the Netherlands, Gilion logged a 66ft/20.36m jump. Verified by two Xensr Air 3D GPS units, Gilion is well on his way to claiming the #1 kite board jump height.

Check out Gilion on the Xensr World Leaderboard!world/World/Kiteboarding

From Gilion’s social media post ….


Woohoo i’m so stoked to announce that I’ve managed to break the Worldrecord for the highest kite jump on the Xensr AIR. I’ve been riding 2 Xensrs to make sure that the reading is correct.

At 14.29 / 2.49pm I made the record jump with Xensr 1 reading 20.1* meter Xensr 2 reading 20.36 meter

If I can find the right footage I’m super close of becoming the first person that has the Official Guiness worldrecord for the highest kite jump! It won’t be easy as they are super strict with criteria it’s not possible to use a WOO / PIQ.

If you are interested in all data: link to Xensr 1 data:!dc5ec020438e.161120132632/283

link to Xensr 2 data:!d57048f57263.161120132631/283

I’d like to thank everybody that was crazy enough to come out in serious stormy weather and heavy rain! Gilion Goveia Fluid kiteboarding for the Amazing kite and Xensr for supporting me!

gilion jump2