inside2We’re athletes. We’re also engineers, coders and developers. We love our sports, and we love to push the limits. It is this passion for our sports and technology dared us to answer the questions we and others wanted to know about our performance that nobody seemed to know the solution to. Everyone was focused on GPS data, but that wasn’t good enough for us. We wanted to know about all the action that happens between the once-per-second GPS data. And nobody could give us the ultimate answer to the one burning question in our minds – “How high did I jump?” It was the holy grail of the sports motion industry, and since nobody else could answer the question, we set out to do it.

We not only wanted to answer the jump height question (and more), but we also wanted to change the way our sports were consumed. We wanted to take the subjective and turn it into objective metrics. We built Xensr with the goal of increasing viewership and in turn, expand the sports in terms of participants, worldwide exposure and changing the landscape of competitions. 

Almost four years of R&D around the globe, and we’ve raised the bar for sports motion capture with the XensrCase and TruMotion technology. We’re just getting started, and now that we have this foundation of technology, we’re taking it to the limit. Stay tuned and stay stoked!