Xensr Inc. released Wave Replay™ which turns the Xensr Air 3D GPS into the world’s most accurate and detailed surf tracking device. Surfers around the world can track their surf sessions like never before with detailed analytics and 3D replay of their rides showing every bottom turn, hit, and air. Wave Replay™ also measures swell height. Xensr is the only surf tracker with this ability. Mounted to the surfboard, Xensr Air 3D GPS measures and records everything the board and surfer does during their sessions. 

“Wave Replay does what no other tracker can do.” says CEO David Troup. “Mounted to the board instead of the wrist, Xensr Air sees everything the rider does. Wave Replay breaks down sessions into the vital stats a surfer wants to see. Surfers can identify their best take-off points and more using the Wave Replay map for unique swell conditions helping them improve for their next session.”

Xensr Wave Replay provides the following surf analytics:my_xensr_screen3

  • Number of waves caught. 
  • Number of waves attempted. 
  • Fastest speed per wave. 
  • Length of each wave ridden. 
  • Paddle time/surf time splits. 
  • Paddle distance/surf distance splits. 
  • 3D replay of board motion. 
  • Measured swell height. 

Troup continues, “In a world of wearables, Xensr stands out as a ‘mountable’. Xensr mounts on the board where we get the most useful data. The action happens on the board, not on the wrist.”

Swell forecasts are great indicators of what to expect when you paddle out, but Xensr Wave Replay goes to the next level and measures swell height during a surf session. Xensr Wave Replay records every swell that passes under the board to provide an accurate measurement of just how big it really was. A first for the tracking industry. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.03.16 AM

“Wave height environmental data isn’t just for surfers. It is crucially important for Earth scientists and climatologists. Xensr Wave Replay turns every surfer into a wave data buoy that is constantly monitoring and reporting on the status of the oceans. We’re crowdsourcing data collection which is needed for the climate modelers and scientists.” Remarked David. 

Xensr Wave Replay utilizes GPS, inertial measurement sensors and other proprietary technologies to track a surfer’s session at over 100 times per second. This data is stored internally on the Xensr Air and processed by Xensr’s TruMotion processor. 


Pricing & Availability: Xensr Wave Replay is available now as a free update for the Xensr Air on Xensr AIR 3D GPS with Wave Replay is available for purchase for $249.95 at and select retailers worldwide.

About Xensr: Xensr, Inc. is the creator of the Xensr AIR 3D GPS, the world’s smallest and smartest 3D sports motion tracker supporting 25+ sports. Lightweight, and about the size of an Oreo, the Air is a mountable device that goes on the athlete’s gear; surfboard, bike, skis, etc. In addition to recording data, the Air also transmits real time sports motion information over Bluetooth LE to apps in smartphones, Android Wear smartwatches, action cameras and other devices. Founded by athlete engineers, Xensr leads the development of action sports tracking systems that quantify subjective sports with objective data. With over five years of R&D around the globe, Xensr is raising the bar for sports motion with the Xensr OneTouch Video, TruMotion technology, Xensr 3D GPS and now Xensr Wave Replay. 

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