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Xensr Air

Designed by riders, the Air is packed with state-of-the art sensors to track every aspect of your session, built tough to survive the gnarliest wipeouts, and all in the compact package that is unnoticeable while you ride, rip, shred, boost, or send it.

Features that Matter

Xensr is packed with features that makes things easier for you to enjoy the ride.

Your sports. Your stats.

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Rock Solid

The Air’s adhesive mount ensures a rock solid connection that won’t jar out even when going over the falls and taking a beating at JAWS.

Charge Up
and Go

The USB dock charges your Air, allows you to download your sesh files straight to your computer, and update the firmware.

Put a Leash
On It

Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry, so we have an extra leash mount just in case the unexpected happens.