Sessions turns the Apple Watch into the world’s best surf tracker!

Data in the lineup – know now.

Pick out your wave, paddle in and tear it up. Kick out back to the lineup and take a sec to look at your wrist and see how that last wave was. Length of ride, max speed and duration. 

Ready when you are.

No more pre-session device charging rituals. Your watch is always with you, ready to go and just a simple tap and your Sessions app is tracking your surf session. 

Go Surf.

Switch boards, swap with your bud and your Sessions app is always with you. Technology isn’t supposed to restrict you. Sessions sets you free from dedicated tracking products that require mounts on all your gear.

Surfing as a workout.

Track your waves and calories and review your sessions in the Sessions iOS app and your health data is stored securely in HealthKit along with your other workouts. 

Be your best.

Set goals. Sessions will track your waves caught, waves attempted, length of ride, speed on the wave and more. Go ahead, push your limits.