Xensr’s TruMotion processor takes complex data streams from the on-board sensors at 400Hz (thats 400 times a second!) and turns all that data into metrics you can actually use. Angles, speeds, rotations and TruMotion does something else – it identifies complex activity like jumps, lap times, spins, waves surfed or snowboard runs. All in realtime – as it happens. No need to upload all that data to an app on a phone or up to the cloud. Xensr gives you the metrics as it happens, so you know. Now. And all of this sensing and computing power is crammed into a device smaller than an Oreo. 

In addition to field testing, we test TruMotion in the lab. Its akin to a MythBusters (™) episode. Its part of our scientific process to create the most precise 3D motion tracking device on the planet. 

Over five years of software development has gone into TruMotion. Xensr’s athletes and test pilots have proven TruMotion all around the world in events, live competitions and tens of thousands of people have experienced Xensr with their own eyes and everyone agrees, TruMotion is exactly that : True.